Yukon Territory AstroStudy

Astronomy K-12 Education/Workshops

4 hours • Tailored to your needs, and budget
Are you a current, or future, instructor teaching Astronomy or Space Science? Become an effective implementer of active-learning instructional strategies. Learn how to transform your classroom.

Service Offerings with "Value-Added"

For qualified enterprise benefits

In areas of valued experience :

Bridging technology

with Navig Communications inc

 Providing technological tools that support Canadian Wi-Fi prospects

Paths of interaction

A path with some options or
a path with fewer options
links point 'A' to point 'B',
and accesses their related links.

Communications are rarely one straight line,
nonetheless, we can help you manage your
interactions seamlessly.


Interaction Management Services
are applied at all points of a spherical conversation life-cycle

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Multidimensional consulting produces joint-venture opportunities,
creating enterprise-targeted solutions, tailored to specific end-customer needs.

Then, even if you are doing it right,
the customer has to see it right.