Aurora 360

Experience the AURORA BOREALIS in the Yukon
by Private Charter Flight !                  Aurora | 360

Yatʼay kʼänatʼa mazhän kwatsʼä̀n yatʼäy ädekʼą
(flying to the Northern Lights)

Let us remove the clouds, so that you can enjoy the lights!  
Flight scheduled for February 7th to the 11th, 2019   see   updates here

Yukon's Cosmic "Call of the Wild!"

Astro-Tourism Consulting

Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the Yukon sky. Enjoy panoramic views, as you take a personalized cruise through the Milky Way Galaxy.

More About Us

Anthony Gucciardo, RN, CD
Owner | President

Day/Night Sky Interpretation Certification

Classroom & Practical Training: total 40hrs

Basic or Advanced certification, issued by CM-IM Inc., is designed for Teachers, Outfitters, Photographers, and Tour Guides; allowing them to accurately identify & explain what is above them!

Leadership/Adventure Training Programs

Consulta Meta I.M. Inc. has designed a unique, and results-oriented program, that allows every participant to benefit from positive leadership experiences!

Yukon Education: K to 12 Astronomy

Workshops: Tailored to Educators & Teachers