Yukon's Cosmic "Call of the Wild!"

Astro-Tourism Consulting

Be enchanted and amazed by the clarity of the Yukon sky. Enjoy panoramic views, as you take a personalized cruise through the Milky Way Galaxy.

These shows are entertaining, and suitable for the most novice of the group. Concepts are demystified. There’ll be no confusion. Whether you are into space or not, you’ll enjoy the experience! DISCOVER THE WONDERS OF OUR UNIVERSE WITH AN EXPERIENCED ASTRONOMER AS YOUR GUIDE.

The Yukon has very distinct and unique advantages to capitalize on when it comes to Astro-Tourism:

• Rich variety of regional Yukon First Nation's astronomical stories and beliefs

• The troposphere is shallowest (or narrowest) at the poles, which optimizes viewing of objects in our Northern sky

• Light pollution masks the night sky for 83% of people on Earth

• Long summer days, long winter nights offer much longer viewing times than anywhere on Earth

• Circumpolar objects do not 'set', or fall below the horizon

• Vast open and unobstructed horizons offer access to unique phenomena:

a. Noctilucent Clouds

b. The Green Flash

c. The Belt of Venus

d. S.T.E.V.E.


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