Day/Night Sky Interpretation Certification

Classroom & Practical Training: total 40hrs

Basic or Advanced certification, issued by CM-IM Inc., is designed for Teachers, Outfitters, Photographers, and Tour Guides; allowing them to accurately identify & explain what is above them!

The Certification will include key Public Speaking skills, so that presenters are not simply relaying information, but captivating their audience! Using Starry Night Pro Plus 7 software will provide candidates access to professional grade features and databases. This Certification program is engineered for precision, with a focus on the Yukon's sky, designed with the latest research, and continually evolving for clients who expect the very best in-class planetarium, and outdoor practicle experiences.


* Introduction to Astronomy

* Astronomy in Daylight (Part 1)

- Night & Day

- Observing the Rising & Setting Sun

- Solar & Sidereal Days


* Astronomy in Daylight (Part 2)

- The Seasons

- Making Sundials and Using Them

- Eclipses

- Observing the Sun


* The Stars (Part 1)

- Constellation Figures of the Zodiac

- The Seasonal Movement of the Sun & Stars

- Distances of Stars

- The Constellations Visible at Different Times of the Year

- The Circumpolar Stars


* The Stars (Part 2)

- Using a Star Finder

- Magnitudes of Stars

- How the Stars Shine


* The Moon

- Origins of the Moon

- The Phases of the Moon

- Moon Gazer & Map of the Moon

- The Seas, Mountains, and Craters

- Eclipses of the Moon

- Occultations by the Moon


* The Planets

- Plan of the Solar System

- Planetary Positions

- Introduction to the Planets


* Atmospheric Astronomy

- The Aurora & STEVE

- The Zodiacal Lights

- Sundogs & Moondogs

- The Green Flash

- The Belt of Venus

- Noctilucent Clouds


* Finding Your Way Around The Night Sky

- Equipment / Reference Materials (An Introduction)


* Planning Your Presentation

- Equipment Selection / Maintenance / Setup

* Outdoors:

 - Presenting the Sky (Day/Night) at every season

 - Practicle Assignments (2 per season)

 - Regular Field Training throughout the year

- Various Activities (individual and group)

** Testing: Multiple choice questions, short answer, & a practical demonstration are required

Scheduling Options: x10 4hrs classes or x20 2hrs classes

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