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Yatʼay kʼänatʼa mazhän kwatsʼä̀n yatʼäy ädekʼą
(flying to the Northern Lights)

Let us remove the clouds, so that you can enjoy the lights!  
Flight scheduled for February 7th to the 11th, 2019   see   updates here

AURORA | 360    

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By Anthony Gucciardo, President of Consulta Meta I.M. Inc.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Whitehorse, Yukon - Building on last November's very successful inaugural Aurora | 360 flight, Consulta Meta I.M. Inc. is in partnership with Aurora 360, and proud to announce a 2nd flight to the Northern Lights! Scheduled to take-off on the weekend, between the 8th and the 11th of February 2019, the experience will offer 80 passengers an exclusive opportunity in North America, to fly above the clouds, and witness the Aurora Borealis closer than ever before.

To see the Northern Lights is an amazing moment in all situations, but to capture them well on camera adds exponentially to the experience. Award-winning Canadian Photographer Neil Zeller, is once again leading the photography project for the Aurora | 360. "Combine this, with capturing the Lights at 36,000 ft above the Earth, from a 737 aircraft, and now, you can have a bucket list checkmark worthy moment you'll never forget!" The experience, will include various pre and post flight activities, Yukon inspired meals, a full evening of Yukon First Nations Astronomy, dance, and culture, along with another evening in the company of four (4) very special guest speakers:

30 seats are designated Aurora | 360, which gives you:

  • a seat on the flight;
  • ground transportation, to/from a specific pick-up point, to the airport; and
  • a Signature Celebratory Gin, while on-board.

50 seats are designated Aurora | 360 Experience, including accommodations for four (4) nights (double occupancy required):

  • a complete Welcome package;
  • a seat on the flight;
  • ground transportation to/from your hotel to the airport;
  • a Signature Celebratory Gin, while on-board;
  • an exclusive autographed Commemorative Certificate;
  • an exclusive Commemorative Flight Patch;
  • a souvenir booklet, to remind you of the experience;
  • full access to our Guest Speaker panel throughout the event;
  • unique Yukon-flare meals and cultural activities;
  • a tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve;
  • a dip at the Takhini Hot Springs; and
  • a presentation at the new Yukon Astronomical Observatory!

Our own local Yukon Brewing Company will be offering a Signature Gin on-board the flight. Air North, Yukon's Airline, will provide the plane, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks during the flight. Aurora | 360 is back, and ready to show the world what the Yukon skies have to offer!

All bookings MUST go through

Booking deadline is November 8th. The tour will be fully confirmed by that date. If the tour is cancelled, the deposit will be refunded; otherwise the 25% deposit will be non-refundable. Both travel agencies have secured sufficient accommodations, at the same quality and service level, for all clients. Yukon Standard Bus Company will provide the ground transportation in H3-54 Prevost coaches. All guests will receive a Welcome Package in their rooms, or by e-mail, outlining activities / events / meal selections / contact information / FAQs. There are no rates for children, and 12 years of age is the minimum age permitted on the flight.

Disclaimer: Important - Northern Lights are a natural occurrence, and Aurora | 360 is unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy, or colour on the evenings of any of the two (2) flight attempts** offered. Aurora | 360 will do everything possible to offer clients the best possible experience! Aurora | 360 leaves the right to cancel, or reschedule the flight, in case the weather conditions do not permit the departure, and/or safety of the passengers is endangered.

Cancellation policy: cancellation fee (if cancelled by guest):

  • until 90 days before departure, 25% of the total amount;
  • 89 to 60 days before departure, 50%; and
  • fewer than 59 days before departure, 100%.

Payment Terms:

  • up until 90 days prior, 25% (non-refundable deposit);
  • 89 days, full payment is due.

** An attempt is considered as a period in which the plane could fly. There will only be one flight on the weekend, and Consulta Meta I.M. Inc. will decide if the flight occurs on the Friday, or Saturday night, based on weather and Aurora conditions.


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We are the only ones in the world, with a fully immersive experience package, and have the flexibility to select the better of two (2) nights for our flight, based on the 3-Day NOAA Aurora forecast, to ensure the greatest experience!

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Flight Bookings/Information:


Any media interested in interviewing our special guest speakers, we ask that you please contact me. The speakers are open to phone interviews, or live interviews, on location, in Whitehorse during the event.

Anthony Gucciardo, CD, RN

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